Friday, January 05, 2007

I found the photos of it!!!

I was really chuffed the over the holidays - I found some photos I thought I'd lost of the one and only split bus I've ever owned.
It was one of those great stories how I came to own it.

In 2001 I was living and working in Hannover, Germany for an Engineering company. I was there for a year - I still owned a 55 oval back in the UK but I wasn't really all that involved in the VW scene. Also - I was going through my Land Rover phase and had gone over to Germany in a 70's series 3 landy which was dog rough!

One day at work a guy came over to me and said that he had hear that I liked old VW's and that he had something I should check out. I went round to his place one weekend and when he opened up the garage door - this is what was there.

Turns out that he did his national service in the Fire Brigade and this was the truck he used to drive. When he left the service in the late 80's he bought the truck off them and started to use it himself. Over the years he installed the DIY camper interior (you can tell it is from the early 90's but he didn't do too bad a job of it!) and generally maintained it.

When I started looking around it I realised what a fabulous vehicle it was - it was soooooooooooo solid - I mean 100% rust free - perfect!!!! with about 25k miles on it from new.

After some talking he told me that he wanted to sell it as he was moving house and with a young family he wanted a more modern camper van! Who was I to object. A deal was struck and the Land Rover was sold to an ageing German hippy and I was soon racing around Hannover in a piece of German history.

After a few months I returned to England and all that was required to get it through the English MOT was 1 drag link arm on the steering - and for the next 2 years of ownership I had to do NOTHING to it apart from keeping it clean!

Sadly - I ran out of room and needed some cash for a deposit on a house so the bus was sold on - boy oh boy do I regret this now!!!! This is still the very best condition unrestored panel van I've seen - wonder who owns it now?

Got the sirens and I did have the flashing light but didn't think it was too wise to drive round with it on! Also came with a full length roof rack too.

you really can't beat a tartan interior can you ;o)


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