Monday, January 01, 2007

There's a new 62 in town!

Bob Walton is the proud new owner of another 62 notch to recently hit the scene.

Bob is over in the states and is the second owner of this car since it was bought from it's original owner over in Italy earlier this year (I think)

The notch looks real nice and original with about 85k miles on it from new (August 62)

I'm already on the case trying to sort Bob out with some of the parts he will need in order to get this car back up to 100% standard, and Bob is the latest member of the1500 club too - welcome aboard Bob!

Check out the CRAZY accessory floor mats - I could almost say I like those as much as my NOS red COCO mats ! If anyone has any for sale - give me a shout!


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