Monday, January 01, 2007

and a little bit more of the printed stuff too!

I picked this up on thesamba purely 'cos of the pic of the notch on the cover which looks scarily like my car! brochure also has some other cool pics in it too.

This is an article from Canada's "Track and Traffic" publication which was reprinted on its own and used by dealerships to promote the new VW 1500.

Dated December 1961
and this one is from Clarkdale Motors Ltd in Vancouver.

I think I've seen these pics before and they are definitely from pre-production units - note the lack of insulation under the engine cover

And here you can see a white steering column and wheel - whereas my Jan 62 notch has a black wheel and column.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow Charlie, you've got some nice pieces of VW literature in your collection. Thanks for posting them.

10:25 pm  
Blogger Charlie said...

cheers dude

3:29 pm  

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