Wednesday, January 03, 2007

And there is another 62 Notch on the block!

So - does anyone know where all these 62 notchbacks are coming from?????

here is another one to hit the scene - this time in the UK.

belongs to Paul who's already had a few NOS bits off me for the forthcoming resto of his 62. I've not too many details yet of what the plan is for it but it isn't looking like I will be able to persuade him into the1500 club - never mind - i'm sure it will end up looking cool.

thank god he has decided to steer away from subaru power for it !

thanks Paul - I can now sleep well at night!

Paul has already got a bit trigger happy with lowering it on photoshop and is planning on doing this to it initially!

If you can't tell - Paul is a bit nifty on photoshop and he is the chap who did my funky logo!
cheers dude


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