Sunday, April 29, 2007

Big Bang 2007 - Santa Pod

Was a bit bored today so popped down to Santa Pod raceway to pop my head into the Big Bang show. Was OK I guess - nothing too amazing (especially if you're not a huge drag racing fan!)

some nice cars in the show and shine though

always like this one
Loads of Buggies
Funky pickup bug
V. Nice samba
as spotted on the M1
The day got a lot nicer than the weather shown here!
Anglia's were out in force
Love em? Hate em? each to their own!

I think this guy has even more accessories than me!!!!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Bits for sale

Anyone want any of these NOS VW Type 3 Mudflaps drop me a line


few more NOS Type 3 bits for spares

NOS 6v Choke
NOS Early Washer bottle cap
NOS fat distributor cap
NOS Accessory type 3 tailpipe trim

Friday, April 27, 2007

CSP Bug-In Shifter

My limited edition CSP Shifter arrived today! I ended up with number 23 out of 77 !

Nice piece of kit - think it will be staying in its shrink wrap for the time being though!

Monday, April 23, 2007

So - what is it???

Well - after the dizzy heights of one guess, I can confirm it isn't a VW Type 3 Sex Toy - it's actually a type 3 beam reamer.

With the myth that type 3 beam bearings are hard to find (no they're not!!!) people eventually dig them up and discover it's a bit of a nightmare to refit them - I'm only aware of one beam that has been totally rebuilt (Rob Kingsbury's - see pictures from about a month ago).

There were quite a lot of different beam bearings available when new. The top bearings are all the same diameter, the early early lower bearings are another size, then all the other lower bearings are the same as those used on a bug beam (so they are ultra easy to find!).

Along with these there were also oversized bearings available - and this is the tool you use if you want to fit your oversized bearings. It clamps onto the side of the shock tower and the cutting head it used to bore out the hole!
cool eh!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

VW Type 3 Suspension Stuff

Mike popped round the other day to lend me his VW Suspension setting protractor thingy - VW Tool 261.

I'll be needing it to install these NOS Type 3 rear torsion bars that I got on Ebay the other week - nice way to cure the notch's slightly droopy behind!

it's getting there

Not long to go now!!! getting excited rob?????


Friday, April 20, 2007

Motorworks are GO GO GO!

Jeremy & Gary at Motorworks in Colorado Springs have been busy again (don't these guys ever take 5??!?!)

Rob's Notch is almost finished - going through wiring at the moment!

They're also sorting out a few little issues with the other Kingsbury car (red ghia)

Plus - it's full steam ahead with another one of their FULL body off restos, this time on

1979 Super Beetle Convertible (Formally Champagne Edition)
Colour - Audi Pearl White
Dark Navy Blue Canvas Top
Motorworks (Jeremy) Built 1776cc, powder coated Metallic Blue
8 Spoke Wheels, powder coated to match the top
Gray/Blue Interior (Custom)
3 Tone Air Horns
Custom Stereo, etc. etc.

not bad eh!

here is Gary spraying it up!

Liven up people!!!!

COME ON!!! what has happened to everyone??? get involved people and play the game - i've made it real easy now! what's the tool???? and what are the parts in the post below???

to reply just click on the hyperlink at the bottom of each post where it says how many comments have been placed - easy.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

What's going on in Belgium!

Freddy & BerT3 posing in Freddys cabana with his oh so rare NOS T3 Abarth exhaust

For an update of what BerT3 is doing to this type 4 to get it ready for its debut at European Bugin, check his blog

Nice work dude!!!!


Come on People!!!!

come on - is no one going to have a guess at the car parts?????

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Here's the tough one

OK - here is the difficult one!!!!

What is this the end of??????? - it's type 3 related.............. but that's the only clue I'm givin ya!

to have a guess - reply to the posting!

Guess the bits

I've been collecting some nos bits again - time to play guess the parts - come on - these ones are easy!!


Sunday, April 15, 2007

Nice Weather eh!!!!!??!??!?!

Well - the weather has been AMAZING in the UK the last 2 days so went out for a spin in the countryside in the notch and took the posh camera with me to get some snaps for the 1500club website - here are a few of them.