Monday, April 23, 2007

So - what is it???

Well - after the dizzy heights of one guess, I can confirm it isn't a VW Type 3 Sex Toy - it's actually a type 3 beam reamer.

With the myth that type 3 beam bearings are hard to find (no they're not!!!) people eventually dig them up and discover it's a bit of a nightmare to refit them - I'm only aware of one beam that has been totally rebuilt (Rob Kingsbury's - see pictures from about a month ago).

There were quite a lot of different beam bearings available when new. The top bearings are all the same diameter, the early early lower bearings are another size, then all the other lower bearings are the same as those used on a bug beam (so they are ultra easy to find!).

Along with these there were also oversized bearings available - and this is the tool you use if you want to fit your oversized bearings. It clamps onto the side of the shock tower and the cutting head it used to bore out the hole!
cool eh!


Blogger Doctor_D said...

Interesting tool Charlie thought a T3 sex toy was too good to be true...

I only know of one person who has completely rebuilt a T3 beam - Angelo Amato.
After being of the road for over 8 years, his car will be back this year.

It's very different to any other fastback and utilizes lots of Porsche parts.

I’m just waiting for the go ahead to publish some pics, as he wants to keep the project hush hush.

Laters D.

11:30 pm  

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