Thursday, November 30, 2006

Is this the best???

Is this the best prepared (and standard!) early type 3 engine - probably!
lots of the uber early stuff here

Mini Me !

That's the problem with these VWs - you get them dirty, put them in for a wash - then they shrink up to 1:24 scale!

Resprayed my maisto 1:24 notch in pearl white

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

There is a new blog in town!

Scott Taylor over in the US has got a new blog on the go! Check it out -

Scott is restoring a 62 Type 3 Ghia and judging by the look of the engine - it seems to be VERY original - am very jealous!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Wanted! 2 x type 3 overiders with the rubber inserts

So - has anyone got just 2 of this style of Type 3 overider available for me to buy??? they are the squared off type with rubber snubbers.

I've got these two NOS and need another two to make a set!

if you can help - either leave a post to this add or click the for sale tab and contact me by one of my adverts!


Monday, November 27, 2006

Some more NOS goodies

Some more NOS type 3 goodies for the cupboard!

Full set of NOS 61 spec bumper bar brackets.

nice NOS 6 Volt type 3 regulator as a spare!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Fanfares for sale!!!!

Special Offer For Blog Readers!

Well - seeing as I've got my Bosch Fanfares now, I have the ones I had on previously for sale. I bought them NOS in the box which I still have. They are 6 volt and still in as good as new condition. I never wired these ones up so I haven't tested them but I can see no reason as to why not - but either way they just looked cool on the notch.

I'd say that they've only been on my car for about 3 months (during which they have hardly travelled at all!!!)

The brackets with them bolt to the back of the bumper bracket and suspent the horn just below the bumper as in the below pictures. but I guess you could mount them pretty much anywhere you like! Included in the sale is a 6 volt relay which you will need to wire them up correctly.

Price = £45 GBP for the set including postage in the UK
a little bit more for postage to other places

If interested - click on the for sale link at the top right of the page and contact me through one of the other adverts!!!!!


And here is what they sound like!


And here is what they sound like!

NOS VW 1500 Bosch Fanfare Horn kit - THE FINISHED ARTICLE!

Wahey! Finally - installing something on my notch went smoothly ! lol

Please excuse the state of the car - don't think its been washed since August so is looking pretty scruffy!

But the horns are excellent and work perfectly - far better (and safer!) than the poxy single 6 volt one that sounds like an asthmatic cat at the best of times!

and best of all ................. its a bit more bling for the 62! ;o)

NOS VW 1500 Bosch Fanfare Horn kit - the install

Well - the sun was shining today so I set to it with the install of the fanfare horns!

My German is a bit rusty these days but I managed to work out the wiring diagram and how to route all the wires from the kit and I'm well chuffed with it!

NOS selector switch to allow you to alternate between the standard horn and the Bosch fanfares - not sure what the benefits of still being able to use the standard horn are, but hey, the kit said do it - so I did!!!

The relay mounts onto the front bulkhead with the wires entering the cockpit through the same hole as the rest of the standard electrics.

The live wires to the horns run past the eberspacher and through the same holes in the inner wings that the headlight wires go through.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

NOS VW 1500 Bosch Fanfare Horn kit

Really chuffed with this one! I've now got together all the bits, all NOS, to make one complete 6 volt Bosch Fanfare Horn kit - including the specific installation kit for an early VW type 3

a pair of horns
wiring kit
6 volt relay
switch (to switch between normal horn and fanfare horns)
instructions (sadly all in German - but I'm sure I'll get there in the end when I get round to installing it!)

New Look!!!!

Well - I hope you like the new look - let me know!

Thanks to Dr D. aka Paul - he designed a new logo for the blog which I reckon looks well funky!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Red Needle Tach

No idea what this is from but got a red needled tach in the notch now - what do you think???
leave your comments please!

Monday, November 20, 2006

1961 Workshop Manuals!

Got an ultra rare set of English language 1961 VW Type 3 Workshop manuals from Mr D. this weekend!
fabulous condition!

becuase these things were printed up probably before production began there are all sorts of weird pictures of pre production type 3's - there is even a section set aside for the ill-fated convertible Type 3 !!!!!!

Can you spot the VERY peculiar feature in this photo????????????

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Where's Rob Gone?

All of a sudden - Rob turned into Cameron! - it's all a mystery to me - all I know is this resto guy is working like the wind! If that car ain't finished by February Mr Kingsbury then you're in trouble! I need a cool ride to be driven round Colorado Springs in!

Dude! Where's my car ?????

Mr Kingsbury had one hell of a shock today! Due to Hurricane Notchback the body was blown clean off!!!!!

NOS Type 2 BUS Wegu mudflaps

Also got two NOS sets of WEGU Type 2 baywindow bus mudflaps for sale in the packet - £45 GBP including the postage in the UK. If interested then click the photo!!!

UPDATE - ALL GONE NOW!! Thanks everyone!

Type 3 Trip Speedo for Sale!

Got an Uber cool Type 3 Trip Speedo for sale at the moment if interested!
£50 GBP including postage in the UK - a bit more for other places.
click the photo if interested!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Project Kingsbury part 2!

Man! Rob Kingsbury's resto guy sure doesn't waste any time! Here are the latest pics from Colorado Springs - the notch almost looks as though it didn't need a resto!!! this is going to be one CLASSY 1500S when it's finished - featuring lots of NOS goodies and rare accessories - some from Charlie's NOS closet too!

Friday, November 17, 2006

Accessories to go!

Pia from Germany owns this excellent '59 Bug - got to love all those accessories!!!!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Project Kingsbury!

Well - the restoration of Rob Kingsbury's 1964 1500S Notch in Birch Green is underway - hopefully it will be nearly done by the time I fly out to Colorado for a spot of skiing in February!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

1965 Pigalle Fasty!!!!

A genuine 1965 Pigalle Red Fastback!!! don't see these too often and this one is straight back into the collection of my pal Mike Dempster.
Nice score here mike - am very jealous.
The funny thing is - Mike has even owned this very car once before!
Now the question is - does he keep it as is - or put it back to 100% stock as in true Dempster style?!??!?!