Sunday, November 26, 2006

NOS VW 1500 Bosch Fanfare Horn kit - the install

Well - the sun was shining today so I set to it with the install of the fanfare horns!

My German is a bit rusty these days but I managed to work out the wiring diagram and how to route all the wires from the kit and I'm well chuffed with it!

NOS selector switch to allow you to alternate between the standard horn and the Bosch fanfares - not sure what the benefits of still being able to use the standard horn are, but hey, the kit said do it - so I did!!!

The relay mounts onto the front bulkhead with the wires entering the cockpit through the same hole as the rest of the standard electrics.

The live wires to the horns run past the eberspacher and through the same holes in the inner wings that the headlight wires go through.


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