Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Special Offers - Stuff for sale - click the photos!

Click the photos for even more NOS parts that I have up for sale - loads of bits 'n' pieces ! - discounted prices on lots of it, especially the NOS Type 3 Front Hood handle/beak seals!!!

Monday, October 30, 2006

Tinsel Town Squareback

I've just sent some parts over to Elaine in Hollywood who has sent me this pic of her squareback which looks amazing!
Elaine runs an auto-detailing business over there and caters for some pretty hefty celbrities.

Good to meet you Elaine!

Fame and Fortune at last!

Well - maybe not the fortune bit!

Photos from the latest Volksworld mag - review of the VW Festival 2006 show in Leeds where I snagged best of show!
well chuffed!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Boyd Wheels - soon to be seen on a squareback near you!


Yikes! Do you think they got out of this one!!

Back from my holidays!

Sorry for the slow blogging folks but I've been away in Portugal for a week away from the world of VW's.
Didn't see anything of interest out there apart from huge numbers of Renault 4's (which I kinda like) and this funky 3 wheeler advertising a cheesy English pub in one of the towns nearby!

This is where I was staying

Spent some time teaching the little guy (nephew) the finer arts of captaining his very own ship!

p.s. these pics were taken on one of only 2 days when the sun was shining!!! We had major storms the rest of the week!!! never mind eh!

Project Palomba Squared!

Chris Palomba - the chap behind this awesome T34 Ghia is hot on the case with his latest resto. This time a 62 Squareback.
Details are pretty secret at the moment, but the engine will be pretty big!!! - click the pic of the engine for a video of it being run in!!!!!
Car will also be featuring some parts from Chateaux Charlie too!

Keep up the good work Mr P. Hope to see it at Volksworld 2007!!!!


Thursday, October 19, 2006

NOS Type 3 Front Hood chrome seal for sale!

NOS Early short Type 3 front hood chrome beak seal - black!
others available in various colours

NOS Bullet indicators for sale

NOS Type 3 front bullet indicator seals for sale!
Click the photo for the advert!

NOS Type 3 finger guards for sale

NOS Type 3 finger guards for sale
click the photo to see the ad and buy!

NOS Small Rear Reflector Seals for SALE!!!

NOS Small Rear reflector seals for sale - click the photo to go to the ad!

More NOS stuff for sale!!!!!

I've picked up a big pile of NOS type 3 stuff today.
NOS boxed early front armrests - grey or black
NOS squareback locks
NOS rubber stuff
NOS Front hood chrome beak seals!!!!!
NOS Type 3 Mudflaps
NOS Type 34 Mudflaps
NOS engine rubber bits
NOS late model tailight seals etc

not put seperate ads up yet, but if interested in anything, contact me via one of my samba ads and tell me what you are after.

Click any of the below photos to link to my ads! (sorry, just don't like openly publicising my email address!)

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Sign it!

If you're reading this and you haven't yet signed the guestbook do us a favour and sign it!
Link is on the left side menu bar below the clustrmap link!


This is the type I would like - let me know if you can help!

me want one!

Nice! There will be a couple of these getting fitted to some nice type 3's in the next few weeks - you know who you are boys!

If anyone knows of any red needle ones lying about - leave a reply to this post - I need one!


Nice 'n' Rare

Nice early NOS fuel pump cap on its way to me - will help to make the engine bay look a bit more original!

Early RHD Notch for sale

If anyone is looking for a nice early notch for sale - well there is this RHD one up for grabs in Australia. Leave a reply to this post with your contact details if you are interested.

Monday, October 16, 2006

So - Who is watching my blog then?? where do you come from

Clustrmaps are great - show you where people are coming from to view your site. In the last few weeks I've certainly grabbed a few visitors from some of the more unusual places!!!

How about

NEW CALEDONIA! (in the pacific)

so - come on - you know who you all are - SIGN the GUESTBOOK - I want to know about you all.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Bye bye J-Tubes

Remember these NOS heat exchanger to body pipes I got from BerT3

Well - I finally got them onto the Notch as this weekend finally got my two NOS heat exchangers on! so the J-tubes went in the garbage!

Whilst I was at it -I fitted my NOS exhaust too - not before I painted it - thought I'd give some BBQ high tem paint a go to see how long this stuff lasts on a zorst!

The rest of the single carb conversion is nearly done - engine looking a lot more stock than it used to do. NOS carb, NOS clamps, NOS rubber elbow and loads of other stuff I've forgotten.
Also put on the correct type of dizzy for this year too!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

More lamp bar pics

Couple more photos of the badge bar - really nice heavyweight quality - chuffed!

Friday, October 13, 2006

Light the way home!

Got my light bar from Pedro over in the states on with some old school Hella fogs! looking good!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Norwegian Heritage

Got my pair of Norwegian Automobile club badges for my car now - these match up with the original stickers that were on the car when found in Norway!

Classic Advertising

Got this NOS rear window anti fog guard! Only really wanted it for the funky 60's packaging / advertising - that woman looks as though she's having the time of her life - well - at least she's got a GNO MIST DEMIST PANEL incorporating APLO2 (Wowee!!!!) as used in the lunar space module apparently! - man - they had some funky shit back in the day! - what's the betting that this thing don't work???

NOS Type 3 Early front armrest - Grey - FOR SALE

Don't see these too often do ya?!!!

Well - if you're interested in this early right side arm rest, contact me via this ad

More For Sale! - NOS Judson See Dee

One NOS Judson See Dee unit for sale - if interested contact me via this ad

The words on the packaging say!

"Install a SEE DEE Electronic Ignition System on your car in twenty minutes and improve performance - gas mileage - increase point life. Plugs burn cleaner, last longer. Pays for itself in three months. Get tomorrow's ignition system on your car today. Unconditionally guaranteed."

Monday, October 09, 2006

Loads of stuff for sale!!!!

I've got loads of type 3 stuff and accessories for sale on thesamba. Click the photo for the link to my ads!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Keep dreaming!

Lovely Aston Martin spotted a bit ago at the Carrington Arms show!

Monday, October 02, 2006

Not so hot any more!

Don't think the thermometer will be reading this high any more this year! It's starting to get coooooooold over here! Bugger!