Thursday, January 31, 2008

So - What else have I been up to?????

Well - I have spent a couple of weeks over in Colorado with Rob Kingsbury and family.

as always I had a truly awesome time out there with them and fitted in some ultra cool (literally!) skiing.

Whilst I was there Robs 64 birch green notch which is under restoration at Motorworks Restorations in Colorado Springs, was pretty much completed.

so - a few of us 1500 club members went down to check it out

from left to right

Rob Kingsbury, Jason Weigel (1500 club boss man), Everett Barnes (TheSamba Boss and 1500 club boss man), Gregg Skinner (1500 club member), ME.

just love this photo 
everett's t34, rob's notch and kir's ghia

kinda reminds me of some of the old photos of vw outside the old economotors building! lol
Jason & Rob enjoying a pre-vw session breakfast



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