Sunday, May 06, 2007

Stanford Hall 2007

Just got back from Stanford Hall VW Show 2007!
As usual - was a great day - the rain stayed off despite the weathermans negative outlook.

Saw lots of nice cars, people and even found some nos goodies too!

Danny just couldn't help himself but pose with his NOS panels!

Then Chris wasn't one to be shown up so he got down and seriously camped it all up!!!
- surprisingly, he didn't need much persuasion to pose for this piccy!

Mr Dempster was the judge of the Type 3 & 4 class - here he is doing what he does best - lying down inspecting the underbody work!


Blogger Chris said...

Camped it up!
You just dont understand a good male model when you see one
good show and good to meet you!
thoes £280 chrome trim things sold within an hour :S

10:20 am  

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