Saturday, May 05, 2007

All Racked Up! Stanford Hall here we come!

Another nice day out in sunny nottingham - but sadly the weather man isn't saying the same for tomorrow (Sunday) when I'm off to the Stanford Hall VW show which is always excellent! Hopefully the rain will hold off!!!!

So anyway - spent the day giving the notch a bit of a clean and fitting the roof racks which haven't been on for a bit - accessories heaven!

I also made up some new brackets for the main rack (the grey bits) as the old ones were a bit crappy. Took them to my friendly local powder coaters to get them done in grey - was VERY happy when he told me the cost - I quote

"oooh, just give us a pack of smokes for doing 'em"

Is that the best powder coater in the world or what??? I think so! :-)



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