Saturday, December 02, 2006

Who knows what SP 247 kit is ?????

Had quite a productive afternoon today. The sun was shining so I did a bit more tinkering on the engine. As some of you will know, my 62 didn't come with the correct engine - I think it's out of a 65 or 66 ????
Since getting it I've started trying to make it look as close to a 62 engine as I can. This has involved putting on a single side draft carb and manifold, correct 62 fuel pump, fuel pump cover etc....................

Well, to continue the illusion, Per over in Sweden hooked me up with a rebuilt 62 dizzy and an SP247 kit - I hadn't got a clue really what it was for but after looking into and asking a few questions, it was a service kit supplied for dealers to fit to single carb vehicles to try to improve pedal / throttle response.

There was nothing wrong with my throttle but seeing as I had it, I thought I'd better put it to good use.

You replace one of the crank case bolts with a special one with a spindle attached onto one end of it. the throttle linkage then hooks onto the spindle and there is one extra linkage in the circuit. Can't say I've noticed any difference but it's a "nice to have"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very interesting, I wasn't aware of SP 247. The 32-PHN was always problematic and it seems like VW wasn't ever able to completely fix it.

7:48 pm  
Blogger Charlie said...

yeah - i din't know about it until Per mentioned it to me - it is there in the parts book but it doesn't say too much.

As for has it made a difference - errrrrrrrm - No. Nothing to write home about!

7:52 pm  

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