Saturday, June 09, 2007

Busy weekend so far!

Well - I've been pretty damed busy so far this weekend!

a while ago I picked up some NOS VW Type 3 rear torsion bars of flea bay in Austria for naff all! I think the postage cost more than the bars!

Decided it was time to fit them as the rear end was looking slightly droopy (although I think I was the only one who thought this!)

anyway - provided a good opportunity to freshen up all the rear suspension / bushes etc... and give it a lick of paint.

Was a complete swine to get the old bars off !!! don't think anyone had removed the spring plates before me - took a fair bit of persuasion with hammers, breaker bars, heat gun etc.....

One of the NOS torsion bars

The every groovy guy that is Mike Dempster even lent me his NOS peiseler VW suspension setting tool which came in pretty useful, making sure you get it right first time - well, second or third time maybe ;-)

JOB DONE! am knackered now though!

but at least the droopy rear end is now cured and the suspension is firmed up a bit. happy chappy



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