Monday, April 09, 2007

Back from the states!

Well - I'm back in the UK now from Rob Kingsbury's (he of 1500club fame) wedding to Kir!

Had a great time but the jet lag is setting in now so only the one post today with some pics of what we got up to!

Met up with Notchboy (Jason Weigel) from the1500 club - here we are mixing it up on the dance floor!

The drinks at this place were a bit on the large side!

Didn't realise what a big deal Easter was in the USA - so I thought I'd best get into the spirit of it with some bunny ears!

Jeremy (on the right) from Motorworks restorations and Jason thought they'd try to look tough for the blog photo session.......

but then their tru party spirit came out!!! lol

meanwhile Gary from Motorworks was far too busy cutting some rug on the dance floor!!!!!! nice work that man!!! I've got a killer video of what Gary calls his "dumb dance" keep an eye out for it soon!!!

Thursday we drove up to the Loveland pass above Keystone and A-Basin ski resorts - thankfully they weren't blasting at that time!

Rob K and Jason

Jason just can't keep that middle finger down!!!!

So - here is the mini 1500Club reunion photo - good location eh!?!?!?


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