Monday, March 12, 2007

The Freddy Files 2007 - Ninove, Belgium

Well! I made it back alive!!!

740 mile round trip that started on Friday morning. Nottingham to Ninove for the annual Freddy Files Show in Ninove Belgium organised by Freddy Peeters from the 1500club.

Had an awesome weekend which started with 18 of us meeting up in the south of England, crossing the Channel Tunnel, then driving up France and into Belgium.

Here are a few taster photos but check out

for full show & cruise details and even more photos!!!!!

Nice work Freddy & Kobus - we'll see ya next year!!!!

Also want to say hi to all the people who I finally got to meet after a year or so of talking over email!!! good to meet ya!

I even came home with a "Top 10" award - the trophys were sponsored by BBT - also from Belgium!


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