Thursday, January 25, 2007

NOS Red Needle Tachs are common - (not really!)

Well - first there was Freddy over in Belgium finding his NOS Red Needled Type 3 Tacho a few weeks ago.

Then - guess what - I found one too. Same tacho - different box, but NOS all the same.
6 volt - uber uber rare in the red needle format (and not so common in the white needle either!)

Now the question is - do I install it, or do I keep it on the shelf - the answer will be with you tomorrow!

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Blogger Scott said...

Very nice! Can't believe you found an NOS one. Let me know if you ever run across an original Type 34 tach, any condition, though of course I'd accept NOS if that's all you can come up with...

6:15 am  

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