Sunday, January 14, 2007

1970's Nurburgring video - fabulous! watch it now....

Check out this awesome video from the Nurburgring in the 70's - Loads of VW's going round the Nordschleife.
I've driven round it myself - but thankfully I didn't do anything like this.
If you look carefully - you'll also see (along with all the Bugs!) 2 x Notch's, 1 x Square and 1 x Fasty at the following times in the vid.

1.23 black square getting a bit of 2 wheel action
1.59 - white notch rolling - looks like an early one too :-(
3.33 - grey fasty - just about surviving.
3.37 - another white notch rolling it - again - could be an early one!!!!

here are plenty of other hairy crashes in it too!


Blogger Scott said...

Ouch! The one where the guy falls out the drivers door and almost gets run over by his own bug is an absolute classic. I guess I'd better get that camber compensator installed on my Ghia.

5:31 am  

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