Monday, July 24, 2006

New Front End

So I've decided to relocate the reg plate on the front of my notch. Some doofus in Norway decided it would be a great idea to drill the ultra rare 61/62 only front bumper with two shacking great holes to mount the very apt original number plate on.
Whilst the reg was great in Norway, I wasn't best pleased with these two holes. (How high does the front end look in this picture!!!!)

So I needed something to hide these two bolt holes - found these two grill plaques on ebay which seemed rather apt - Norwegian Auto Club badge and a generic Norway badge.

OK - they are a little bit too big but they will do for the time being, and the car looks better with more chrome on view! Until I can fab up a suitable bracket for the original metal number plate, I'm going to put a self adhesive black/silver vinyl number plate on the metal front valance - just ordered it from - will post pics when it arrives to show you how it looks.


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