Saturday, May 27, 2006

Parts Arrival!

A parcel arrived the other day!
contents :
repro Jokon reverse light kit (6V)
NOS "Tachowellenschalter"
1x front hood seal
1x rear hood seal

so - what is a Tachowellenschalter I hear you ask (well - at least some of you anyway!)
Because my Notch is so early (62) it doesn't have the facility to put a reverse light switch into the gearbox - so to get reverse light s on my car, you need one of these little things - it goes in between the speedo and the speedo cable - as soon as it senses the speedo cable is spinning the other way, it switches the reverse lights on - clever eh!

If anyone else out there needs one of these switches, I should be getting a few more in the next week or so - let me know if you want one.


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