Thursday, May 31, 2007

We have a winner - almost

Well - you are almost a winner Rik - it's not a reverse light, but it is the hard to find reverse light switch kit.

This isn't the kind of reverse switch that bolts up to your speedo and senses when the car is rolling backwards, this is the switch which bolts up to your gear shift selector rod and turns on as soon as reverse gear is selected.

Have been looking for one of these for a bit!

This is a photo of the other kind of reverse switch you could get - these Tachowellenschalters from Hella were a very basic version which goes in-line between your speedo and your speedo cable. Still very effective though and a nice accessory to have!

Come on - have a guess

Some on surely know what the pic below is of???????

hint - it's to help when going backwards!!!!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Guess the Part!!!

Ok then - guess the part time again!

who knows what lives in a box like this?????

guess the part and leave your answers as a reply to the post please :-)

Rob, Bob, Bert - you can't play guys! sorry - cos you all know ;-)

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

NOS Wiper Blades for SALE

Got 2 different types of NOS Type 3 wiper blades for sale

Got the slightly skinny type - £20 plus £3.50 post in UK

And I've got the harder to find - fat type that was right for the earlier type 3's (exactly the same as the skinnier ones above, just that the metal bit of the arm is fatter) SOLD


NOS Boxed Rear Rubber floor mat for VW Type 1, 3 and 4

cool item as per below - £40 plus £10 postage in the UK - it weighs a tonne!
you can now even use the cool PayPal buy it now feature - it's all getting very techy here!


Volksworld Shoot today!!

Well - all I can say is thank God that Anthony the snapper got held up in traffic today!

It was pi$$ing it down with rain all morning then, the skies broke and we got some decent weather for the piccies for the Volksworld Mag feature!

He took HUNDREDS!!!! interior / exterior / engine / detail shots / driving shots / then the bit I was dreading - shots of me! 8-o

Was good fun and can't wait to see the pro-results in the mag - no idea when yet though?!?!?! Will let ya know!

Anthony picked a nice little country lane in Linby, just a couple of miles from my house which was cool.

Lots of flashes were used!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Been Photoshopping!

Been playing round on Photoshop too this weekend - you like????

send me your pics if ya want the same treatment!

VolksWorld Photo Shoot

Well - Volksworld Magazine are coming to visit tomorrow (Tuesday) to do the photoshoot of my 62 Notch!
Fingers crossed the weather will be ok! Spent lots of time over the last few days cleaning it up and getting everything looking tip top etc...

Sunday, May 27, 2007

こんにちは - or Hello to Japan!!!!

Hello to my Japanese viewers !!!! - whoever you were, you spent a fair bit of time at the site!!!!

send me some photos of the Japanese VW scene to -



New Sounds System in the Notchback

Check it out! Got my new, fully restored Blaupunkt Frankfurt radio installed now - got it off Matthias in Germany who did the refurb and added the cable thingy so you can listen to your ipod through the blaupunkt!


Saturday, May 26, 2007

Mike's MOT Day!!!

It was MOT day for Mike Dempster today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good news!!!! The Pigalle Fastback passed its roadworthiness test first time.

Happy motoring Mike


Friday, May 25, 2007

Who works for Medway Council

Come on then - who are ya Mr Medway Council??? ;-)

whoever you are - my stats counter says you looked at a huge number of pages today! lol

Type 3 Line Up at VW ACTION!!!!!!

OK VW Type 3 Fans!!!! The infamous Danny Lord is organising another Type 3 Line Up Display - This time at VW ACTION , August 31st to September 2nd 2007 at Santa Pod.

If YOU own a Type 3 and are going to VW Action - PLEASE EMAIL DANNY on or by checking out THIS POST on the Type 3 & 4 Club Forums

Danny wants more than 25 type 3's this time so come on - let's make it happen !

Any foreign visitors coming to Action too in their type 3's - you are as always more than welcome!

Volkswagens on The Green - Colorado

And here are some of the type 3's Rob spotted the other weekend at the Show


Volkswagens on The Green - Colorado

Photos in from Rob Kingsbury of the Volkswagens on the Green show last weekend in Littleton, Denver CO. USA

Here is the lovely Mrs. Kingsbury's Ghia!

Hey Rob - glad to see you are still wearing the Manchester United cap I got ya!!!! lol


Thursday, May 24, 2007


The merchandise arrived today! Cheers Freddy!!!!

My European Bug-In weekend pass ticket also turned up!!!!


Wednesday, May 23, 2007

NOS VW Type 3 Heat exchanger for sale

As it says - NOS Type 3 Heat exchanger for sale - right hand side, early style

bit of surface rust - but that's all, nothing a good clean up wont fix.

£70 plus postage

if interested, you can either contact me by

a) leaving a comment on this post with your email address
b) contacting me via one of my SAMBA ADS
c) email


Tuesday, May 22, 2007

New Service on the Blog!

Ok VW Fans - now you can sign up to subscribe to the blog pages!

put your email details into the little box at the top right then hit the button!

or do it here

Once we get enough subscribers I'm planning a kind of newsletter type thingy!

give it a go!



Another Slide Show

So - here's another slide show for ya of lovely NOS VW Type 3 Parts !!



Monday, May 21, 2007

Almost there Waltz!

Almost got it Waltz! well done

it's not a Red Tip but it is a NOS Hirschmann antenna to go with my rebuilt Blaupunkt Frankfurt - was again a bit nerve wracking drilling my fender for it!!!!

it's a NOS one with the metal shaft and not a repro - seller included a repop box though for the instructions!

right type for my early type 3!

Spot the difference part 2!!!

OK all you eagle eyed viewers!!!

What is new on my notch??????? something was added in the last 24hrs - what is it?

to have a guess - leave a reply to the post!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

The 1500 Club

The 1500 Club members pages have been updated - the pics that used to be on there of my ride were pretty old and the 62 is looking pretty different these days!!

check em out

thanks for the update Bob!


The End Result!

They look pretty cool eh!!?!?!?

well - I'm happy with em!


New Seat Belts

I've had this uber cool NOS boxed seatbelt for a while now, but only one of them. Its a 2 point shoulder belt, so no bit that goes across your tummy, but it had an beatifully deisgned clasp / buckle system.

Anyway - Rob Kingsbury emailled me a link to another one (but used) on ebay germany which i won! yay!

so this weekend I've junked the old ones and fitted these bad boys!

Very comprehensive instructions came with them!! lol