Saturday, March 31, 2007


Friday, March 30, 2007

T3D Open Day returns!!!!!

Lifted from see ya'll there!!!

The date is set, Sunday 29th July 2007, once again Volkswagen mayhem comes to Burwell. So come and join in the fun, convoys from Ninove Belgium and all over the UK, overnight parking, BBQ, free refreshments, trophies, burnout contest etc.,etc. This year promisses to be a much bigger event and a chance to check out our new HQ and some of the UK's coolest VW's.

we have a winner!

wahey - check the guestbook!!! Alan Walters from the UK hit 10,000th visitor!

can we get a few more of you guys signing the guestbook and leaving some comments???


Thank You!!! Keep on visiting!!!

Wow - 10,000 hits sure came quickly!!! Thanks for watching everyone - keep on blogging!!!


Loads more photos from the Volksworld Show 2007 up on Jorans blog
good to see you back blogging pal!

10,000 visitors almost - who will it be?????

How clean.................????

Latest pictures from Jeremy at Motorworks in Colorado Springs - man! how clean is this set up on Rob's notch - i'd be scared to drive this thing once it's done!!!!

seriously though - outstanding work - can't wait for the finished article!!!!!

one day my 62 will get similar treatment to this - but at the moment - having too much fun driving it!!!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

More type 3 stuff

Found some nice Type 3 stuff for sale at the Volksworld show - Sept 62 red needle KMpH speedo and some angled tie rod ends - 2 x early and 2 x late

One happy owner

Mr Kingsbury with his notch now in nice shiny paint! See you next week buddy!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007 photos

Niels from the website let me swipe some of his Volksworld Show photos - nice camera work pal!

check out his gallery at

cheers beaker!

Beaker from T3D snapped this piccy of me getting my award of Sandown park - cheers pal.

more pics up on his blog

Monday, March 26, 2007

Stock or Not????

My first shocked reaction upon seeing Mikes now non stock fasty - WHY - for the love of God WHY!!???!??!?!?!

And I thought Mike was the king of stock! obviously not!!!

only joking pal - loved them!

Project Palomba is done

Well - most of you will have seen the couple of progress pics i've uploaded onto here of Chris Palomba's 62 Squareback that has been undergoing resto for the past few months. Here are a few more pics for you of the finished article.

2.1 Engine
Full leather interior retrim including headliner
matching leather steering wheel and dashtop
house of kolor paint - something crazy like 18 coats of paint
Boyd Coddington wheels
diamante sill trims, swedish rear gravel guards, NOS chrome side trim and rubber seals from the charlie collection!

Chris - was great to meet you at last - loved the squareback pal - see you at the shows!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Volksworld Show 2007 report

Any way - to see the full selection of pics from this weekends show - click here!

Volksworld Show 2007

Volksworld Show 2007 part 7

Well - 4.15pm came today and it was results time - one award for Best of Show and then awards for vehicles classified as top twenty - Was totally stunned when they read out my name for a top 2o prize!!!!!!!

Won a funky pro-sign decorated tool box, trophy and Meguiars polishing kit - cool eh!

Best of show went to the AMAZING Gold coloured oval on Fuchs and then there were two type 3's and a type 34 in the top twenty - not bad going for the type 3 stable !!!!

Here are the prizes - the tool box is way too nice to actually put tools in me thinks!!!!

Volksworld Show 2007 part 6

Volksworld Show 2007 part 5

Mr Beaker gettin down and dirty with the T3D Squareblack

Danny Lord talkin shop!

The excitement was all too much for some though!!!! and Andy Holmes just had to take a snooze to compensate (sorry pal - just had to post these pics!)

And here is Mr Mid Life Crisis himself (his words not mine) - Mike Dempster proudly showing off his Pigalle Fasty now sporting some nice'n'shiny Fuchs all round.

Volksworld Show 2007 part 4

This drag rail was scary but cool!

Fell in love with this one!

And this always look sweet!