Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Where am I now????

sorry for the slow blogging folks! as you can tell I'm not in sunny nottingham at the moment - i'm in snowy Colorado!!!! I'm out visiting Rob Kingsbury from the1500club for a spot of skiing!

as you can see - pretty decent weather in Vail, Colorado!!!

Here is Mr Kingsbury sporting the very latest in high end snow boarder fashion

We have evn paid a trip down to Motorworks Restoration in Colorado Springs to visit Robs birch Green notch which is currently undergoing major restoration! These guys are doing some truly awesome work! more pics to follow!

We even went up into Denver to see the Avalanche play hockey - sadly they lost :-( it was great fun though.

And just to show you how freaky the weather is out here - this is the Garden of The Gods yesterday! glorious sunshine and right now, it's chucking it down with snow! beautiful place!


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