Tuesday, August 29, 2006

last but not least

and finally................ - the rebuilt dizzy.

I guess I'll get round to fitting all this stuff, along with the NOS heat exchangers and exchanger to body pipes I have now acquired, some time over the winter - which doesn't seem to far away at the moment judging by the seriously crappy weather we are having here at the moment!

the other bits

More of the engine rebuild bits!

you don't see these very often - boxed NOS SP247 linkage kit - its listed in the parts book as a service part, added to the throttle linkages in an attempt to give smoother pedal / throttle response (I think????) - anyone got a picture of one installed - not totally worked out how to put it on yet ;-)

And here it an uncracked NOS rubber air cleaner to single carb elbow.

Engine will be going back to stock soon!

I think I have finally amassed all the right bits to put my engine back to stock - virtually all the bits found NOS too!
Already had a NOS 32 PHN carb found on ebay at a VERY reasonable price, then got an air cleaner from Andy, then Per over in Sweden came up with the goods with the majority of the hard to find bits - he even rebuilt me a distributor using NOS parts.

NOS clamps for the rubber air cleaner elbow

NOS Carb to throttle linkage

NOS pre heat pipe thermostat

Sunday, August 27, 2006

NOS Helphos Searchlight

Got this NOS Helphos on ebay the other week - completely NOS / Boxed with all the instructions - even down to the little bottle of gooey gel type stuff to keep the rubber seal fresh, and the little bit of wire you should use to suck it on!

Friday, August 25, 2006

Nice Splitty

I spotted this splitty hidden away in a corner at the last Carrington Arms classic car show in Leicesterdhire. It was looking especially good on the Der Steiner Rad rims.

NOS Hinge Kit

If anyone wants a NOS Type 3 Door Hinge repair kit - leave a reply to this post with your email address and I'll get back to you.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

New Type 3 Window Vents

Come get your new repro stuff here!
If anyone wants to get there hands on a set of these new top quality repro type 3 front window air vents, then drop me a line or leave your contact details as a reply to this thread and I'll get back to you.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

More NOS stuff for sale

Some more NOS VW Type 3 stuff up for sale - yet more front axle bearings (got loads of these now), NOS wiper spindles and NOS phn carb gasket. Leave a reply to the post if you want anything.


Good English Weather

The weather went from bad to worse - this is when you realise the short comings of 6 volt electrics - but hey - it's all good fun.

a Speedster at ----- errr - Speed

Andy in the speedster took the pics of my notch, so I thought it only fair to return the favour - and yes, before you ask, that is a real speedster! Roof down in the rain!

Notch at speed!!!!

Some action shots of the notch on the M60 last week.

Monday, August 21, 2006

More Nos stuff

Some of the NOS stuff I picked up recently.

NOS reverse light sensor - the type for the early stuff that goes between your speedo and the speedo cable - this is for sale - if interested leave a reply to this post with your details and I'll get back to you. ******** A NEW RECORD ************* Sold in 8 hours

Also got a complete Type 3 Parts list book - been looking for an affordable one for a bit now!

Some of the other winners at VW Festival

VW Festival ....

My favourite - as at many shows this year has been this high roof splitty

More VW Festival pics

Nice black oval on flat 4 Fuchs

VW Festival 2006 - Harewood House

Went to VW Festival 2006 at Harewood House in Leeds this weekend. Really nice show I thought - about 50/50 Air and Watercooled stuff - so something for everyone. I entered into the Show and Shine - not expecting to win anything - I din't even dry the car after driving there through the pouring rain!

then got a message telling me to get back to my car as I had won a prize - not just any prize - but "Best Aircooled Car of Show" !!!!! Couldn't believe it !

Really chuffed, and I got a nice big glass trophy and a presentation pack of Zymol polish!

great day - I even scored a pile of NOS type 3 stuff - details later.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Got a new toy to play with

My new toy turned up today from work - the all new Ford Ranger supercab - got to say after a couple of hours in it - I love it!!!! LOADS of power and a lot more fun than I was expecting (and a lot bigger!) - now all I've got to do is find some muddy fields to test the 4x4 with!

It's a tough life - they keep sending me new cars every month at the moment to play with.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Tatton again!

Some more lovely early bugs

More Tatton Park pics

Chris Palomba's awesome Razor Edge ghia spotted at Tatton Park - looking good - and also left with a Trophy I think!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

VW North West part 2

I got second place in the Type 3 Concours - bit of a joke as their were only two entrants! Never mind - The worthy winner was Ted's Fastback that he has owned since it was new!!!!!

VW North West part 1

Really cool grey Notch at VW North West at Tatton Park in Cheshire today. Some really nice subtle custom tricks on it.