Monday, July 31, 2006

Japanese style

Some pretty cool rides on this site - the Japanes Type 3 Fan site ;
You've got to love the O.G. fake type 3 front grille - if you've got one that is looking for a new home - then drop me a line!

Friday, July 28, 2006

Slammed my notch! not......

Low As Ya Like on did a bit of photoshopping on my notch! Seems as though I am one of the only people in the UK who wants me to keep it at standard ride height!

Got to admit - it does look pretty smart slammed on polished Fuchs (detailed ones would be better) - but considering the rarity and age of this car - this baby's staying stock!!!


Hope they got out okay! ouch!!!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

NOS Stuff for SALE!

Got these for sale if anyone wants - 2 x NOS indicator arms
1 x NOS Rear bumper iron

if interested - leave a reply to this post with your contact details.


Horty 2's Fasty from VZi

Fastback a la Horty Styleeee - looking good!

Monday, July 24, 2006

New Front End

So I've decided to relocate the reg plate on the front of my notch. Some doofus in Norway decided it would be a great idea to drill the ultra rare 61/62 only front bumper with two shacking great holes to mount the very apt original number plate on.
Whilst the reg was great in Norway, I wasn't best pleased with these two holes. (How high does the front end look in this picture!!!!)

So I needed something to hide these two bolt holes - found these two grill plaques on ebay which seemed rather apt - Norwegian Auto Club badge and a generic Norway badge.

OK - they are a little bit too big but they will do for the time being, and the car looks better with more chrome on view! Until I can fab up a suitable bracket for the original metal number plate, I'm going to put a self adhesive black/silver vinyl number plate on the metal front valance - just ordered it from - will post pics when it arrives to show you how it looks.

New accessory thingy!

Sorry for being a bit of a slow blogger lately - work & family stuff going on!

This was waiting in the post for me after the weekend.

NOS accessory door window mesh thingy - looks pretty cool me thinks! Functional too - stops all those wandering fingers entering my ride at shows!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

NOS Hinge Kit

Does anyone want a NOS Type 3 Hinge Kit? If so - leave a comment with your email and I'll get back to you.

Monday, July 17, 2006

No bolt holes here!

Just put on my NOS 61/62 rear bumper - ain't no bolt holes on this one now!!!
It's cleaned up really well!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Type 3 Detective Open Day pt. 8

The journey home!

See ya Andy!

Bloody Caravans!

Best shot of the day - Andy (almost!) tonking a Ferrari - but just not quite!

A great day was had by all - thanks Paul and all the T3D team - see you next year!

Type 3 Detective Open Day pt. 7

Got to say a BIG thank you to Freddy for selling me his NOS Type 3 COCO Mats! Looking good don't you think?????

Freddy gives his seal of approval!

Cool Frid!

Type 3 Detective Open Day pt. 6

See ya Freddy - back on his way to Belgium with Kobus - good to see ya guys!

Rust Bus up for sale - contact T2D or T3D for details

Type 3 Detective Open Day pt. 5

Hubba Hubba!

Type 3 Detective Open Day pt. 4

Type 3 Detective Open Day pt. 3

Some of the cool rides at T3D open day - loved the accessory aussie (?) window wind deflector!

Type 3 Detective Open Day pt. 2

Met up with some friends

Mike Dempster looking as though he's had a few too many! (he hadn't though - so don't worry!)


Andy Holme's razor - don't seem to have taken a pic of Andy though! sorry mate.

And here we have Freddy modelling the very latest in high fashion!