Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Swiss Notch pt 2

Another fabulous Notch from

Shiny Lights!

Just rebuilt thhe headlamps from the 62 with some nice early Bosch lenses.
If anyone needs some Hella lenses suitable for driving in the UK give me a shout!

Monday, May 29, 2006

Poor Thing!

see more at

Chatsworth Meet

A couple of superb photos taken of my ride at Chatsworth yesterday - check out Rachel's blog at

for more pics from this meet.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

NOS Manual

Picked up a great type 3 maintenance manual - NOS too - printed in 1971

Rubber Bits pt2

Picked up some more NOS rubbers aswell the other day - put on the rear rubber reflector seals - see below - I've got one reflector rubber left if anyone wants one, plus a LOAD of NOS rear reflector housings also up for grabs! leave a comment if interested.

Exhaust shiny bits!

Thought I'd dress the notch up today, so put on my NOS exhaust embelisher.

South Yorkshire Dubs Meet

Went to the monthly South Yourshire Dubs meeting at Chatsworth House today - the 62 was really feeling its age today, surrounded by Mk2, 3, 4's etc... there was just one other aircooler there, but all the cars were fabulous - I loved the Silver Lupo, slammed on BBS alloys!
check out

Saturday, May 27, 2006

63 Notch For Sale!!!

Brian Johnston's fabulous May 63, Right Hand Drive Notch is finally up for sale. This is a truly fabulous oportunity to own one of the most complete, original RHD Type 3's in the world. Click the "Contact Me" button if you want more details!!!

Rubber rocks!

Got the new trunk rubber seal installed today too.

Ebersp├Ącher B2 Update!

So - you probably know I've got an Eberspacher in the Notch too.

It all works fine, but did you know that a standard fuel cap like the one below is incorrect for one with a petrol heater like mine??

Well - it is incorrect 'cos it hasn't got a breather built into it, and running an Eberspacher with one of these can create a vacuum in the tank - not what you want.
So now, my Brian came up with the goods and I've now fitted the correct type gas cap for the notch -see below - happiness!

I've been busy today!

So - you've seen the jokon light kit - got them fitted this afternoon - here is what they look like!

They weren't too bad to fit, but it took a fair bit of time, routing the wire from the rear lamps all the way to the speedo! Worth it though - adds a bit of a safety aspect to the notch and looks pretty smart too.

Parts Arrival!

A parcel arrived the other day!
contents :
repro Jokon reverse light kit (6V)
NOS "Tachowellenschalter"
1x front hood seal
1x rear hood seal

so - what is a Tachowellenschalter I hear you ask (well - at least some of you anyway!)
Because my Notch is so early (62) it doesn't have the facility to put a reverse light switch into the gearbox - so to get reverse light s on my car, you need one of these little things - it goes in between the speedo and the speedo cable - as soon as it senses the speedo cable is spinning the other way, it switches the reverse lights on - clever eh!

If anyone else out there needs one of these switches, I should be getting a few more in the next week or so - let me know if you want one.

Friday, May 26, 2006

DIY Notch Cabrio

Some pics I found on the samba of another DIY cabrio Notchback. Not bad!

Freddy's Blog

I just love this picture of Freddy's hot bug - make sure you visit his blog

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Smoke & a pancake!

You've just gotta love this photo!

NOS Keychain

this arrived in the post today - not mega rare, but nice - VW logo one side - St. Christopher the other.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Anyone got one of these?

If anyone has one of these they would like to sell - please click on the "contact me" button!


The Nasty Fasty debate!

"SprayPaintSpecial" from thesamba has a new ride! Could this be the new lowest / narrowest type 3 around - possibly??? Anyway - there is a major debate raging on the forum there - check it out

either way - it wouldn;t be my choice for a car, but it does look cool!

Monday, May 22, 2006

VW Wannabe by Subaru!

So what do you all think of these then. Based on the Subaru Sambar, there are conversion kits to make them look like (ish) the type 2's we know and love. For sale in Japan only I think - got these pics off Volkszone, but more info on think you'll need to be able to read Japanes though............

So - who's going to be first to bring one back to the UK???????

Sunday, May 21, 2006

first v-dub?!?!?

trying to work out what I should get for the nephew's first Dub - have to find somewhere with some cheap long term storage though - will be a few more years before he's driving!

Living in Nottingham is tough!

well - it's not all that bad in Nottingham - at least we've got a Hooters bar!! Here are some pics from my mate Alex's stagg do yesterday! - no prizes for guessing which one of us is the one getting married!!!

Saturday, May 20, 2006

More NOS beauties

rare stuff - complete NOS set of Type 3 stone guards!

Friday, May 19, 2006

How Low Can You Go

Pics I found on thesamba of cool air bagged Square!

Art student pics

Amanda Broadley, a photography student contacted me a few months ago - she is doing a project on VW's and their owners. Here are a couple of the results from her photo shoot on a cold February day! Pretty cool looking - she takes all her photos on old Russian equipment - no digital rubbish here!!!

Pics taken at Newstead Abbey - copyright A. Broadley 2006

What's your type 3 wish list?

spot anything you'd like on here?

Squareback Pickup!!!